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iPRECIO® pump

An iPRECIO® pump is an implantable, programmable and refillable therapy infusion device. Currently there are two versions available: the iPRECIO SMP-310R for implantation in mice or smaller animals, and the iPRECIO SMP-200 for rats or larger animals; accuracy of the iPRECIO pump is +/- 5%. 

The pump can be completely implanted subcutaneously, allowing the model to move freely, ultimately minimizing stress and infection risk. Researchers can control dosing protocols programmed into the pump’s memory chip including multiple bolus dosing and variable infusion rates.

Driving the device is the patented “Rotary Finger” mechanism; a peristaltic-like movement of the fluid occurs via a micro-motor operating a cam which pushes seven finger pins individually in a continuous cycle, compressing the therapy out from the reservoir and into the model.


Canine, Mouse, NHP, Rabbit, Rat

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