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In Vitro & In Vivo Cardiovascular Safety Assessment

Advance your lead candidates quickly with comprehensive end-to-end cardiovascular (CV) safety testing. From discovery to regulatory submission, we partner with you to develop, de-risk and execute on your stand-alone or integrated safety assessment program, enabling faster and smarter decisions.

Patch clamp electrophysiology studies

FDA CiPA protocols available

GLP-compliant testing

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In vivo cardiovascular assessment technology & analysis

Cardiovascular safety is one of the most common roadblocks in your development efforts. To help you obtain the CV endpoints you need, we offer a comprehensive array of technology options including standalone or integrated as part of your toxicology study:

  • GLP CV assessment with Physiotel™ L-series telemetry instrumentation
  • Cardiovascular data acquisition on toxicology studies:
    • Jacket-free ECG and hemodynamic data collection with minimally invasive Physiotel™ M-series  technology
    • Jacketed external telemetry (JET™), also available with blood pressure (JET-BP)
  • Non-GLP investigative CV assessment:
    • Rodent PhysioTel™ HD-series telemetry
    • Non-rodent telemetry with L-series instrumentation
    • Rodent and non-rodent echocardiography

All telemetered ECG data we generate is processed with automated software by our Centralized ECG analysis team. This dedicated group of scientists ensures a high quality and consistent analysis of your ECG data, with decades of experience interpreting cardiac arrhythmias and abnormal waveform morphologies.

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