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Whether you're bringing a precision medicine product to market or learning which treatment option is best for your patient, we can help you find answers.

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With nearly half of all new therapy approvals classified as precision medicines, this approach has not only already had a tremendous impact on patients’ lives, but also holds great promise for the future of medicine. Whether from a highly targeted therapy, such as cell and gene therapies or biologics or through biomarkersgenomics testing and companion diagnostics to define clinically relevant indicators, we can help you discover, develop and commercialize your next precision medicine.

Highly targeted therapies paired with biomarker-driven drug development strategies provide a path for translational medicine success. You need a sponsor and patient-centric CRO partner that can be with you every step of the journey. 

Cell & Gene Therapies

  • Preclinical capabilities 
  • Supported development of both FDA-approved CAR-Ts and the first FDA-approved gene replacement therapies
  • More than 20 years of experience delivering development solutions for advanced therapies


  • Applied genomics expertise from single target to whole genome analysis, for both exploratory and regulated testing
  • Global co-location with the #1 Provider of Central Labs, logistics and specimen management services

Companion Diagnostics

  • Supported the development and/or commercialization of more than 60% of approved Companion Diagnostics
  • Supported the development of the first two FDA-approved complementary diagnostics
  • Co-development path enables reduced development time and costs



  • More than 30 different syngeneic tumor models, access to commercially generated humanized mouse models
  • Draw on over 1,000 immuno-oncology clinical study experiences in the last 10 years

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Discover how we are using NGS to make a difference for cancer patients. 

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Deploy personalized medicine strategies throughout development to increase your therapeutic candidate’s probability of success

Utilize biomarkers in preclinical and clinical development for key and timely insights to make more informed decisions

Co-develop your therapeutic candidate with a companion diagnostic to maximize uptake and competitive advantage

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