Scientific expertise

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More than a dozen contributing scientists/study directors/principal investigators

More than forty scientific specialists and staff scientists running method development, qualifications, validations, and method transfers

More than one hundred laboratory scientists conducting lab work

An expert team

Leverage the collective experience of one of the strongest scientific I&I teams in industry to understand the immunology and immunotoxicology of your compound.

Our vastly experienced team is here to support your I&I journey. The team comprises highly qualified study leads with years of experience leading immunology and immunotoxicology studies. In addition, specialized staff with specific technique and assay knowledge provide an unrivalled depth of technical expertise and skill. 

I&I expertise by numbers

14 contributing scientists/study directors/principal investigators

~40 scientific specialists and staff scientists

~100 laboratory scientists

25% of our headcount with an advanced degree

7 locations across the globe

$10m investments in equipment

Support for >20% of studies run in Labcorp drug development

Approximately 200 test articles per year assessed

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