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We’ve worked in Japan for more than 20 years to build operational excellence and serve as a resourceful specialist. Whether you are a Japanese company interested in bringing your drug to Western markets or a global company wanting to partner in Japan, you can count on our expertise. With fluency in both English and Japanese, and a strong understanding of the cultural nuances, our staff is equipped to serve as your insightful partner.  

Solutions in Japan

Gain access to the U.S. or European markets through our proven global network of solutions. Discover how we can help meet your goals.

Nonclinical Development: Our dedicated NMPA GLP certified facility in Shanghai, China features a number of accreditations to fulfill global quality standards (FDA, OECD, etc.). Teaming up with global resources and partners in China, we offer solutions for a full range of safety assessments needed by IND filing and FIH. Specific solutions for small molecules and biologics include: 

Clinical Testing - Central Laboratory Services: Our dedicated facility in Kawagoe City provides a variety of solutions including:

  • Core Laboratory Services: Chemistry, Hematology, Urinalysis and Hemoglobin A1C, Specimen Management and Short-Term Storage
  • Custom Japanese investigator kit 
  • Other Central Laboratory Services are provided through our neighboring Singapore facility including:

Local Expertise

We understand the level of service and attention to detail expected for all interactions. As your partner, we are equipped to satisfy your needs and provide insights to move your project forward.

  • Diverse expertise: Benefit from the vast breadth and depth of knowledge from our scientific experts and managers to help meet your challenges. Our experts are fluent in both Japanese and English to help facilitate clear and streamlined communication.
  • Assistance in regulatory compliance: Our regulatory affairs staff, with years of experience in agrochemical and general chemical product development and knowledge of the latest regulatory changes, provides experienced consulting services for product development plans and regulatory dossier submissions. Register your compound in the U.S., European and Rest-of-World with the support of our skilled regulatory staff who have extensive experience interacting with PMDA, FDA, EMA and other Health Authorities globally.

The Japanese healthcare market is often characterized by its aging population and traditionally high use of medicines. Japan has number of other attributes to consider in the industry:

  • A strong presence: When compared country by country, the Japanese pharmaceutical sector is the second largest in the world with the U.S. as first and Germany as third.
  • Sophisticated knowledge: The Japanese Early Development and Clinical Testing market is considered very matured as compared to other emerging Asia Pacific countries
  • Opportunities for generics: The generic drug sector is increasingly attractive to foreign manufacturers given that government initiatives are aimed at reducing healthcare spending and meeting the needs of a rapidly aging demographic. 


We understand all of these factors that make Japan an attractive yet challenging market for partnerships, both locally and globally. We’re ready to work with you and explore what’s possible. 

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