DART Juvenile Toxicity Studies

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Keeping children (and your drug development) safe.

With recent regulatory legislation, pediatric safety assessment has evolved to become much more than just a good practice — it’s the law. But studies conducted with juvenile research models bring a host of new challenges, including appropriate species selection and husbandry, along with a clear understanding of your endpoints.

 Receive strategic insight to determine the most appropriate design path, before you start. We have the experience to execute these logistically complicated studies, and can help you to determine the most cost-effective and socially responsible means to get the safety assurance you need.


More space for science and personalized medicine to run wild

Immuno-oncology. Biologics. Cell and gene therapies. This is the future of medicine. It’s more personalized, more complex and driving the need for highly technical nonclinical studies. To propel your personalized medicine pursuits, we’ve expanded our world-class facility in Münster, Germany. Learn more about this next-generation research facility.

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