Henry Fisher

Dr. Henry Fisher, Assay Development Scientist, Method Development & Validation

In his role at Labcorp, Dr. Henry Fisher is responsible for working closely with clients to develop LC-MS methods for various modalities for both characterization and GMP validation. His primary expertise is biopharmaceutical characterization by peptide mapping, multi-attribute monitoring and host-cell protein analysis but has experience in a range of LC-MS techniques for characterization of biologics. Much of Henry’s work at Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services is contributing the innovation efforts to bring new LC-MS capabilities into the business. He is currently working on developing methods for characterization of oligonucleotides and mRNAs.

Henry has been working at Labcorp on the Research and Development team for five years. Before starting his career in biopharmaceuticals, he completed a PhD at the University of Leeds researching improved methods of oligonucleotide analysis by LC-MS and started his career in biopharmaceuticals as an LC-MS characterization scientist before moving to Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services.

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