Leonard Bell

Dr. Leonard Bell, Lead Assay Development Scientist, Method Development & Validation

Originally a chemistry graduate, Dr. Leonard Bell initially worked in the industry as a peptide chemist. He then returned to university for his MSc (biomolecular technology) and PhD (“Interaction of Metal Ions and the β-Amyloid Peptide”). He subsequently returned to the industry after his postdoctoral work (“Peptides That Protect Cardiomyocytes From Anoxia and Reoxygenation”) and joined Labcorp's Biopharmaceutical CMC Services, specializing in large molecules.

Len has more than 20 years of experience at Labcorp in analytical method development, routine analysis and characterization of biopharmaceutical macromolecules. He has extensive experience across a range of biotherapeutic molecule types and their analytical methods at all stages of the drug development pathway. This experience includes traditional chemical and biochemical analytical methods like chromatography and electrophoresis, as well as specialist techniques such as mass spectroscopy, higher order structure analysis and ligand binding assays. Len utilizes his diverse biopharmaceutical CMC experience to help the Labcorp Research and Development (CMC) team in their development and delivery of analytical solutions for biopharmaceuticals.

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