ICH Core Battery Tests

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Diverse array of available tests

Canines, NHPs and Minipigs

Pharmacodynamic modeling for prediction of human safety

These studies are designed to identify the undesirable pharmacodynamic properties of a compound relevant to human safety in three areas — Cardiovascular, Respiratory and the Central Nervous System. 

  • Cardiovascular system
    • Chronically instrumented conscious canine, NHP radiotelemetry to telemetry, and mini pig models using radiotelemetry 
  • Respiratory system
    • Rodent whole body and head-out plethysmography
    • Arterial blood gas in nonhuman primates
  • Central Nervous System
    • Modified Irwin test in rodents and nonhuman primates
    • Automated behavioral assessment in nonhuman primates
  • Combination cardiovascular/respiratory
    • Jacketed assessments with respiratory inductive plethysmography

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