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Custom in vitro assays to meet your needs

Bespoke Assay Development

Collaborate with us to develop custom in vitro assays for screening and GLP compliance

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High-quality, fit-for-purpose assays based on innovative approaches or established techniques

Extensive experience with static cell culture, advanced tissue models and microfluidics

Experienced team delivers tailored solutions to meet time and budget requirements

When standard assays do not meet the needs of your unique project, our scientists work collaboratively with you to optimize, troubleshoot and validate robust assays for screening or GLP compliance purposes. We develop high-quality, fit-for-purpose in vitro assay solutions based on innovative approaches or established techniques whether for a stand-alone assay, a battery of assays or research project.

  • Our team is equipped with specialists who perform and develop in vitro assays that improve physiological relevance, define mechanistic insights (e.g., adverse outcome pathways) and/or support safety testing (e.g., off-target effects)
  • Individual or multi-endpoint assays can be developed to address molecular events, cellular responses and biological endpoints
  • Extensive experience with static cell culture, advanced tissue models and microfluidics means we are not limited by specific organ systems or disease models
  • We provide support for assay optimization and validation from creation, method transfer or through collaboration with commercial suppliers

Solutions for your project

Let our experienced team develop tailored solutions that facilitate your project’s progression and meet project goals on time and in budget. Explore the list of example assays below or contact us today to discuss other custom assay options.

Custom solutions example process

  • Assay development
  • Assay optimization
  • Data analysis
  • Data reporting
  • Assay validation – GLP compliance, if required

Example mechanistic endpoints

  • Cell signaling
  • Cell surface markers
  • Cell viability
  • Gene expression
  • Cytokine/soluble protein analysis
  • Biomarker assessment

Example biological endpoints

  • Cell adhesion
  • Cell permeability
  • Co-culture
  • Complex models (3D tissue/microfluidics)

Example customized discovery projects

  • Adverse outcome pathways

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