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Accelerate Recruitment of Hard-to-Find Patients for Biomarker-Driven Trials

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Precision medicine has changed the clinical research landscape, especially in oncology. Trials targeting specific biomarkers can take up to 10 years to complete enrollment. Complex trials with narrow eligibility criteria require providers to spend increasing amounts of time and effort to conduct more studies for fewer patients.

Screen and Match Patients in As Few as 10 Days

We have expanded our patient-centric approach to recruitment by incorporating the Tempus Integrated Molecular Evaluation (TIME) Trial™ Program, which uses real-time clinical and molecular data to screen and match patients to biomarker targeted trials. Institutions participating in The TIME Trial Network are able to initiate their trial in as few as 10 days, on behalf of the patient.

Oncology patient enrollment rates are in the single digits. The combination of our capabilities will increase the ability to identify patients with specific genetic markers and link them to trial sites, thus greatly expanding access to hard-to-find patient pools for faster enrollment of the right patients for precision medicine oncology clinical trials and will accelerate our efforts to provide opportunities for physicians to help their patients as it is often difficult for them to find clinical trials.

TIME Trial™ Network

Tempus has partnered with a growing network of research-experienced organizations to create the TIME Trial™ Network. All Institutions in the network meet rigorous pre-qualification requirements for trial readiness and rapid activation.

By the Numbers

50 Research-experienced Institutions
~2,500 Oncologists
350,000+ Cancer patients annually

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