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Oncology Discovery Services

With more than 6,000 studies completed, we have amassed extensive experience and deep insights to inform end-to-end preclinical oncology research. Start your study quickly and expedite the development of your next potentially life-saving compound.

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300 human xenograft and 50 mouse syngeneic models across 30 cancer histotypes

Full suite of molecular and cellular biology assays, off-the-shelf or custom

Quick start times, expert scientific collaboration and innovative science to expedite your studies

When your research has the potential to save lives, you deserve a partner with the oncology pharmacology knowledge, breadth of tools and experience to help move life-changing drug candidates through preclinical development and beyond quickly and effectively.

Our preclinical oncology solutions consist of in vitro and in vivo pharmacology efficacy models, in vivo imaging technologies, in vitro assessments and focal radiation capabilities to support your oncology research programs. Our team helps you explore the effects of drugs and biologics using both human and syngeneic tumor models providing you with decision-driving data to help advance your drug candidate toward the next cancer research breakthrough.

Want to save time on your next screening, proof-of-concept or simple combination study? Learn how our Fast Track Discovery Program can save you four weeks.


Immunotherapy & Adoptive Cell Therapy Support

We offer over 50 different syngeneic tumor models, from both solid and disseminated origins, to provide you with many choices to further your immuno-oncology research. We are continually improving and expanding our adoptive cell therapy capabilities.

Featured Technologies

For over a decade, we have offered an industry-leading array of technology platforms to deliver efficient quality results:

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View in-depth analysis, including growth curves and treatment response, for preclinical tumor models and technology in our model and tech spotlights.

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Fast Track Discovery Program

Expedite your candidate selection with quick start times, expert scientific collaboration and innovative science

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3D Cell Culture

To understand how anticancer therapeutics behave in patients, we need preclinical oncology models that mimic actual human tissue. Reduce the failure rate of your candidate anticancer trials with our advances in tumor-specific 3D in vitro models.

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Fully invested in your fight against cancer from the very beginning

The fight against cancer starts in the lab. That’s why we’ve invested in a renovation that doubled the size of our preclinical oncology facility in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here you can discover enhanced capabilities and greater capacity to speed up your preclinical oncology programs.

Drive your oncology research forward

In the fight against cancer, every second matters. Contact us for quick study starts, while slots are still available.

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