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Advance your ocular therapies with the only full-service contract research organization to offer personalized ophthalmic drug development services that span the entire continuum from discovery and preclinical to clinical trials and post-market follow-up studies. 

Whether you need support with anterior or posterior segments, rare ocular diseases, gene therapies or ophthalmic devices and diagnostics, we know how to optimize your ophthalmic development.

A strategic vision for your ophthalmic program

  • Rely on our ophthalmic staff’s deep scientific and regulatory experience from delivering more than 120 global, patient-centric ophthalmology clinical trials for emerging biotech companies over the last five years

  • Work with renowned vision scientists as part of our more than 30-year relationship with Ocular Services on Demand (OSOD) to handle your preclinical ocular needs and deliver specialized expertise in the ocular surface and anterior and posterior segments

  • Enable intelligent patient recruitment with advanced data and increase your efficiencies with our established relationships with more than 2,000 global sites

Extend your ophthalmic team’s expertise with a full-service collaboration

Experience counts when it comes to placing patients' needs at the forefront of your decisions and ensuring the success of your ophthalmology drug development program. Our expertise and insights at Labcorp have helped advance more than 120 clinical ophthalmology studies over the last five years as we’ve provided flexible solutions for emerging and mid-sized biotech companies.

Get the cross-functional support and customized strategies you need to accelerate development timelines, anticipate and prevent issues and get your ophthalmic therapy into market. Together, our robust partnership can help your team improve patient lives faster.

Access tailored preclinical solutions

You may need toxicology (good laboratory practices and non-good laboratory practices), tissue distribution/pharmacokinetics and pharmacology to support your ophthalmology preclinical research. We understand the unique differences between the ocular surface, anterior segments and posterior segments and can offer our expertise in several ocular disease areas such as glaucoma, dry eye, uveitis, allergies and retinal diseases.

Your preclinical journey can also benefit from our experience in all drug/therapy classes and our OSOD partnership to provide ocular routes of administration for a number of models.

Working with Labcorp for your ophthalmology research also provides your team with access to our full service labs to address any needs for chemistry or bioanalytical services. Discover the difference of our integrated, comprehensive capabilities.   

Unique solutions for clinical trial testing

Our delivery is centered around unique clinical trial and testing solutions that are both patient-centric and flexibly aligned with your program’s needs.

  • Gain scientific and regulatory support – Extend your team’s capabilities with our regulatory and commercial guidance. Count on our extensive experience in assisting both small biotech and large pharmaceutical companies to help you achieve your strategic goals
  • Apply flexible, integrated delivery models – Whether you need to apply decentralized clinical trial approaches to mitigate delivery risks,  we can work together to optimize your delivery

We design our delivery capabilities to match your preference and the needs of your project. 

Delivering expertise with OSOD

Advance your ophthalmic program with a consortium of more than 40 internationally respected vision scientists. Since 1999, we have worked with OSOD to help both emerging biotechs and large pharmaceutical companies work with vision science experts, such as board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists, electrophysiologists (for electroretinograms), veterinary and physician pathologists, clinicians and professional ocular photographers, as well as basic scientists in a wide range of ocular science areas. 

Your team will receive unsurpassed vision science consulting—spanning study design, data acquisition/interpretation, clinical translation and regulatory strategies—and benefit from state-of-the-art instrumentation for comprehensive descriptive and functional evaluation of your endpoints. 

Optimizing your trials and focusing on the path to commercialization

Solutions for ocular surface and anterior segment studies

Get expert support for your trials involving the ocular surface and the anterior segment. From cataracts, glaucoma and dry eye to allergy and inflammation, as well as contact and intraocular lens, and surgical and delivery devices, we can apply our lessons learned from supporting numerous studies across several key indications.

Solutions for the posterior segment studies

Rely on our retinal specialists to extend your team with experience in global studies spanning macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinitis pigmentosa, vitreomacular adhesion, proliferative vitreoretinopathy and inflammation. We also offer unique expertise in ocular rare disease and ophthalmic cell and gene therapies.

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A superb teamwork (collaboration) that saved time for sponsor’s NDA for a first in class drug.

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