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At the Australia office, we’re recognized as one of the longest serving international drug development organizations in the region. As your partner, we offer unique insights, proven solutions and expert guidance to move your project forward.

Solutions in Australia

We leverage our experience to share unique perspectives and ultimately deliver your quality results. Together, we can reveal opportunities and advance your innovation. 

Take advantage of development solutions in neighboring areas within the Asia Pacific region:

Nonclinical Development Services: Leverage our dedicated expertise and operations across the region to deliver unique perspectives on your development program. Our NMPA GLP certified facility in Shanghai, China features a number of accreditations to fulfill global quality standards (FDA, OECD, etc.). Specific solutions for small molecules and biologics are available to reduce costs and gain efficiencies for your project.

Clinical Testing Services: Trust in the experience of the Singapore central lab to deliver consistent, quality data. Operating since 2000, we offer one of the biggest central laboratories in the world, serving 16 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

Local Expertise

Together, our diverse network of local scientific experts can meet your global requirements in any phase of drug development and help you reach decision points.

  • Global conformance: Receive a uniform standard of quality from our global SOPs and best practices.
  • Regulatory support: Obtain regulatory approval and benefit from low compliance costs for a faster start-up time.

Australia’s strong trade links, dedicated research institutions and educated, multilingual workforce make it a proven destination for moving your research forward. Consider the following advantages for your clinical trials: 

  • Proximity to emerging markets: Australia serves as strategic platform for accessing key areas in South East Asia’s emerging markets.
  • International harmonization: The Australian clinical environment is aligned with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and International Conference on Harmonization/Good Clinical Practice (ICH/GCP) standards.
  • Seasonal studies: The “reverse seasons” in Australia enable year-round international studies for more rapid development of products. 


With our unique combination of regional knowledge and global experience, we’re ready to work together and explore what’s possible. Learn more about how we can deliver your results.

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