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Custom Antibody Reagents

Gain cost and time savings, developmental efficiencies and flexibility with our integrated critical reagent solution backed by over 45 years’ of experience.

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Integrated critical reagent solution

High-quality reagents with reproducible performance

Deep and multidisciplinary expertise

You need quality antibody reagents in consistent supply to avoid delays and optimize your workflow when developing your biotherapeutic. In some cases, an expensive “off-the-shelf” antibody isn’t available or your sources aren’t reliable. Trust in custom-made antibodies by Labcorp to eliminate lot-to-lot variation and produce better results than generic, catalog antibodies. Our custom, integrated solution backed by leading experts is tailored to your goals and the intended use of the antibody, resulting in high-quality reagents with reproducible performance.

Integrated critical reagent solution

We offer a variety of services for a broad range of antibody reagents against a variety of antigen host species. As a single global entity, we integrate the generation, characterization, storage and distribution of your antibody critical reagents to support your nonregulated and regulated nonclinical data for discovery and safety assessment. Plus, because we offer a comprehensive drug development portfolio in addition to antibody reagent solutions, you can partner with us throughout your development journey.

High-quality reagents with reproducible performance when you need them

Our comprehensive toolbox of bioanalytical methods, including our purpose-built facilities, allows us to customize our approach to your project resulting in high-quality, reproducible, sustainable reagents throughout the development life cycle. Rely on a joined-up inventory management system, built-in risk mitigation strategies and innovation technology platforms such as Gyros™, MSD, ELISA, AB Sciex, Hamilton Star® and Bio-Plex® to deliver efficient results.

Deep and multidisciplinary expertise

Our bioanalytical experts from discovery, nonclinical and clinical will help you anticipate regulatory challenges and offer strategic solutions to guide and enable you to make informed decisions faster. Our committed staff has decades of experience supporting large and small molecule development and work in an integrated manner to proactively communicate and plan your projects.


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Enhancing vaccines and antibody research 

Lab expansions to match your growing needs  

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our new sample analysis lab space in Denver, Pa., provides one-stop service for in vivo testing and in vitro analysis so you can receive faster results for your vaccine and antibody research and development. 


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