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Early Safety

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Quick study starts deliver high quality data sooner

Integrated discovery path aligns in vitro and in vivo safety data

Anticipate and respond to discovery challenges earlier — for better decision making


Improve Your Probability of Success

You already know you need to assess safety as you determine which molecules to progress through hit to lead to candidate selection, but how early do you conduct the studies? The earlier, the better ensure that de-risk your programs and identify your best candidates, sooner.

Novel Therapeutics Require Novel Approaches

As you progress development of your innovative therapeutic, let us be your partner. We offer quick start and flexible design options to help you address potential safety liabilities early. By leveraging our integrated team of pharmacologists, toxicologists and pathologists, we can help you find the right scientific solutions–one size does not necessarily fit all. 

Anticipating the unexpected and responding

Very early drug development is often a challenging part of the path forward - unanticipated issues can delay and derail programs. Through our integrated approach, we help you take a balanced approached to scientifically anticipate challenges and respond to them quickly. Aligning safety, pharmacology and DMPK, you’re in a better position to proactively resolve issues earlier in the journey—and more affordably.

Non-GLP safety studies aligned to your needs and executed effectively and efficiently:

  • Genetic toxicology screening
  • In vitro toxicology
  • Mechanistic and custom in vitro assays
  • Evaluation of endocrine function
  • Evaluation of cardiovascular function in conscious/unrestrained animals
  • Lead optimization toxicology
    • Dose escalation and pilot studies in large animals
    • Rodent screening and pilot studies
    • Toxicokinetic studies in large and small animals

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