LabLink+ is a secure web-based portal that allows sponsors to monitor the progress of time-sensitive lab kit inventory information and clinical trial laboratory test results from anywhere in the world.

Ensures consistent data quality

Enables detailed tracking of specimens

Generates detailed, customizable reports

Value it Brings to the Outcome of a Trial

In order to be assured of the quality and integrity of lab test data, LabLink+ provides sponsors with 24-hour monitoring of kit locations. Additionally, Labcorp LabLink+ has the enhanced ability to generate and schedule customized reports, which saves time and increases the efficiency and consistency of study teams.


LabLink+ has a specimen management function that lets sponsors track shipment of study specimens between Labcorp Central Laboratory locations worldwide. Users can review lab test results associated with individual specimens and monitor their subsequent storage or transferal to a third-party referral lab. To ensure that valid kits are used at all times, LabLink+ also provides kit expiration information. Through this information, sponsors are able to communicate with investigator sites in order to ensure that specimen collection kits are used before they expire and new kits are supplied when required. LabLink+ has reporting capabilities that allow users to save and share report criteria and auto-generate reports according to predefined schedules.

Benefits of LabLink+:

  • Transparent: tools for tracking progress of specimens and lab test results
  • Efficient: scheduled, customizable reports
  • Consistent: version control of reports to avoid mistakes
  • Collaboration: access for study team to save and share reports