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Your test kit can make a difference.

Kit orders bound for Ukraine, Russia, Moldova and Belarus could be delayed due to the ongoing situation in the region

Industry-Leading Kits

Collection kits are essential to trial execution especially considering the significant cost of replacing a clinical trial patient and increasingly complex testing. Attention to content detail, on-time delivery, and ease of use make a difference. We've  earned the trust of biopharmaceutical companies globally, shipping more than 4.4 million kits per year. And it's why clinical trial investigators name us as their “most preferred” central laboratory more than three times as often as the nearest competitor.* 

Protocol- and visit-specific kits are customized and produced to meet the unique needs of each clinical trial protocol

  • Automated kit production with a capacity of more than 30,000 kits per day delivers 99.995% accuracy
  • Choose from a catalog of hundreds of standard collection items

*from the Life Science Strategy Group Investigator Site Survey 2019.

Unwavering courier relationships

Getting samples from the site to the lab and meeting the stability requirements of each sample requires unique courier relationships. We carefully select and monitor performance of the couriers we use. A dedicated professional logistics team works to establish seamless contingency plans, to successfully transport samples in the face of local, regional or global disruptions. 

  • Customized logistics solutions help assure on-time, in-stability transportation

    • More than 2.2 million shipments per year to 96 countries

    • 99.2% of kits received within stability in 2019

    • 96.9% of kits received within stability in April 2020, the most challenging month of the global coronavirus pandemic which forced widespread flight cancellations and closed national borders

  • Around-the-clock monitoring by more than 50 global logistics experts with deep expertise at the investigator site level

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