Rachel Smith

Dr. Rachel Smith, Assay Development Scientist, Method Development & Validation

Dr. Rachel Smith is a research and development scientist for Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services. Her background is in mass spectrometry, and in addition to developing methods for LC-MS analysis of biotherapeutics, she leads the forced degradation and formulation development teams. Her particular focus has been on the development of workflows for intact and middle-up LC-MS characterization of mAbs and derivative fusion proteins, but she is experienced in all of the LC-MS biopharmaceutical characterization methods offered by Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services.

Rachel holds a PhD (chemistry) and MSc (chemistry) from the University of York. Her PhD research involved the application of a variety of MS platforms, including MALDI-MS, LC-MS and GC-MS, to the analysis of small molecules extracted from archaeological artifacts.

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