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Reimagine comprehensive drug development and diagnostic solutions customized to meet your unique needs with our integrated services across the Asia Pacific region.

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Gain scientific insights to move your program forward to improve health on a global scale.

Work with a globally connected network to achieve globally combinable data.

Form a strategic partnership—tailored to your specific needs—at any stage of your development journey.

By the Numbers

1998 first APAC facility
15 Countries with facilities
7,000+ Employees

An established global partnership for efficient drug development

We know how to advance your program in Asia Pacific, a preferred destination for clinical trials with its high-quality infrastructure and skilled talent. Since we established our first facilities in 1998, we’ve grown across 15 countries and regions with 7,000+ employees.

As your partner, we offer our specialized networks in APAC, so you can receive globally acceptable data, meet regulatory requirements and improve your cost efficiencies.

Together, we can drive your drug development forward and make a real impact on people’s lives.

We’re connected across Asia Pacific to meet your needs.

We’re here to support you at any stage of your drug development journey. Whether you are a nimble biotech or a large organization, we know how to support your mission and get you the solutions you need—at the right time and place.

Have Questions?

  • How does Labcorp Drug Development utilize proprietary data to improve clinical study outcomes?

    Only Labcorp Drug Development combines one of the world’s largest sources of de-identified lab results and patient intelligence data with investigator data from the majority of global clinical trials, providing insights to increase efficiencies and effectiveness in clinical drug development.

    Using Labcorp’s real-world, de-identified clinical laboratory data on over 150 million patients, we can assess populations who meet your protocol’s eligibility criteria and accurately model the impact that the protocol inclusion/exclusion criteria will have on the patient pool size.

    Labcorp Central Labs Data – Labcorp Drug Development generates more clinical trial data than anyone else in the world. Our global proprietary data helps us predict future investigator performance and capacity to run multiple studies.

    Patient Direct – we have access to ~150 million patients and have a rapidly growing database of people who have given us permission to reach out directly to them for participation in clinical studies. 

  • What are the benefits of partnership for a nimble biotech?

    We offer solutions, services and resources, designed specifically for agile biotech companies. We provide personalized attention and give your team access to specialized expertise—scientific, operational, regulatory and therapeutic—that adapts to the way you work to champion your success and advance your program, at any stage in your drug development journey. 

  • What is programmatic outsourcing model and its benefits?

    A programmatic model integrates a set of pre-defined studies and services to support the development of a molecule. The result is increased flexibility, efficiency and enhanced insight—saving valuable time and maximizing asset value more expeditiously.

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