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Fetal pathological evaluations (outsourced)

If you're looking to outsource non-regulatory, investigative work or need a large GLP or GCP compliant fetal pathology exam as a complement to your existing studies, you can order fetal pathology evaluations as standalone contract work. 

Embryo-fetal development studies are usually performed on a rodent and rabbit and the fetuses from the treated dams are examined for developmental and structural abnormalities by soft tissue techniques e.g., modified Wilson Technique (for head and whole body) and for skeletal and cartilage examination techniques e.g., modified Dawson Technique (single-stained Alizarin Red or double-stained in combination with Alizarin Blue.) 

Processing and staining procedures can be included on request, and a fetal pathology phase report is included upon exam completion.

Industry Market

Chemical, Crop, Pharma