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OECD 492: Ocular irritation and EpiOcular™ (in vitro)

OECD 492: EpiOcular™ is an in vitro reconstructed human corneal epithelium (RhCE) model used for an Eye Irritation Test (EIT) to assess ocular hazards of a test substance. 

EpiOcular™ identifies chemicals not requiring classification and labeling for eye irritation or serious eye damage by determining cell damage, namely cytotoxic effects. This is based on the premise that all such substances will induce cytotoxicity in the corneal epithelium and/or conjunctiva and is in accordance with the United Nations Globally Harmonized System (UN GHS). 

Studies have found EpiOcular™ to have an overall accuracy of 80%. Test substances can be applied topically, so tissue exposures occur just as they do in vivo.

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