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In vitro DMPK

Quickly and accurately obtain high quality when you access our expert scientists, advanced instrumentation and automated systems.

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Reliable, efficient and cost-effective range of in vitro assays

Automated systems are designed to reduce time and cost

U.S.-based laboratory competitive with the global market

Are you looking for a dependable way to conduct a wide range of in vitro experiments? 

Whether you have a few compounds or thousands, we have the right solution for you. High throughput in vitro offers a reliable, efficient and cost-effective way to conduct a wide range of in vitro experiments. Our advanced instrumentation and automated systems increase accuracy and throughput enabling quick and accurate results. Save time and money when you choose our automated systems and expert scientists to support your research. 

In vitro Screening Capabilities

  • Solubility
  • Microsomal stability
  • Hepatocyte stability & intrinsic clearance
  • Plasma & whole blood stability
  • CYP inhibition
  • Hepatocyte induction- gene expression
  • Plasma protein binding
  • Brain tissue binding
  • Caco-2 permeability
  • MDCK MDR1 substrate
  • BSEP inhibition

Ready to produce the metabolism data required for your investigational new drug? Learn more about our definitive in vitro metabolism solutions. 

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