Cell & Gene Therapies

Cell & Gene Therapies

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New cell and gene therapy suite

Labcorp Enhances Cell and Gene Therapy Development Support Through Collaboration with Xcell Biosciences

Cell and gene therapies are incredibly intricate, but they’re making a huge difference in the drug development market and in the lives of patients. Learn all about our $9.2 million investment in cell and gene therapy.

Cell & Gene Therapy Answers: The Evolving Cell & Gene Therapy Landscape

Your source for answers to the complex challenges of cell and gene therapy development. We recently sat down with Maryland Franklin, Vice President and Enterprise Head of Cell & Gene Therapy at Labcorp Drug Development, to discuss key considerations for developing cell or gene therapies in today's quickly expanding pipeline.

Cell & Gene Therapy Answers: Addressing Complex Analytical Needs with ddPCR/qPCR

As the rate of cell and gene therapy development increases, Labcorp Drug Development has continued to invest in the technology, capacity and expertise globally to support the evolving and complex analytical needs of our clients. 

Seamless End-to-End Logistical Coordination in CAR T-Cell Therapies: On Time, Tracked and Secure

The chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell journey includes three distinct phases: collecting the patient's white blood cells through apheresis, modifying the patient's T-cells to manufacture the CAR T-cells, and, finally, infusing the new fighter T-cells into the patient. Connecting these three phases for a timely process that optimizes the patient experience requires a well-coordinated logistical system.

Cell and Gene Therapy - High Quality and Safety from Vein to Vein: CMC Testing for CAR T-Cell Therapies

Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control (CMC) testing is an integral part of the CAR T-cell clinical journey during vector production and T-cell modification. These tests, mandated by the FDA and other regulatory agencies, uphold the safety, purity and potency of the product before being administered to the patient.


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Discovery and preclinical solutions:

  • Assess safety, establish proof of concept and feasibility rapidly

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By the Numbers

Supported development of 6

FDA approved gene replacement therapies

Helped advance 2 years of delivering development solutions for advanced therapies

preclinical studies conducted using cell and gene therapy products in the last 5 years (mostly in vivo)


clinical studies conducted for cell and gene therapy products in the last 5 years

20+ years of delivering development solutions for advanced therapies


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Cell & Gene Therapy preclinical development solutions to reduce scientific, regulatory and commercial risks, and accelerate development wherever you are in your product's development.

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