In Vitro Oncology

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Access a full suite of molecular and cellular biology assays to address the invaluable need for analysis of target and drug activity before, during, and after the in vivo experiment. Choose from off-the-shelf tests as well as custom assays. You can also partner with the flow cytometry team, which offers basic to comprehensive immune profiling using standard immunophenotyping panels, phospho-flow, functional assays and custom antibody panels.

In Vitro Equipment Highlights


Attune™ NxT

Acoustic focusing flow cytometer 4 lasers, 16 parameters


Microplate sample processor and pipetting system

Typhoon 9410

Imaging system with blue laser module

Synergy 2

Multi-modality plate reader

Cytation™ 3

High content imaging system

Luminex® 100™ System

Analyte Multiplexing System


Inverted fluorescence microscope with 1.4MP CCD camera


Real-time PCR system

Large-scale Cell Culture Production

Production facility with 14 incubators and three biosafety cabinets

Other standard techniques are available. Custom assay development is also available to meet our clients’ individual needs.

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