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Save four weeks on your screening, proof-of-concept or simple combination studies

Fast Track Discovery Program

Expedite your candidate selection with quick start times, expert scientific collaboration and innovative science

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Quick start dates and expedited report delivery

Collaboration with our scientific experts

Data-rich final reports

Cancer patients can't wait. Making quick decisions about early candidates is vital to providing life-changing drugs faster. That’s where we come in.

Leverage our predetermined battery of models and studies to accelerate your timelines. Expect the high-quality scientific engagement and collaboration you have come to depend on from our highly trained team members while saving four weeks on your screening, proof-of-concept or simple combination studies with our Fast Track program.

Ready to expedite your preclinical oncology discovery studies?

Program qualifiers

To reach top speed efficiently, the following criteria must be met to qualify for our Fast Track program:

  • Compound must be in-house, ready for near-immediate shipment
    • If material needs to be pathogen tested, the scientific development team will provide guidance as to where samples must be sent
  • Select from our preapproved subcutaneous, intraperitoneal, intravenous, intracranial, or orthotopic mammary fat pad models
  • Study design cannot exceed 80 mice on study. Study limitations may apply depending on the implant type, treatment and disease tracking methods
    • Maximum treatment window: 35 days
    • Total in-life duration: 60 days
  • Limited survival and terminal sampling are allowed
  • Bioanalysis may be offered as a separate agreement
  • Labcorp’s standard PersistenceTTM flow panel is available for studies utilizing CAR-T/NK therapies
  • Significant changes to the protocol may result in change fees and timeline delays

Expedited candidate selection

  • Comprehensive study designs with set parameters
  • Expedited initiation and a modified final report to reduce timelines
  • Guaranteed cell expansion start dates within two weeks of a signed statement of work for qualifying studies

Higher impact and efficiency

  • Scientific insight before, during and upon delivery of the final report
  • Expert guidance through the execution process
  • Highly trained scientific development team to lead scientific discussions and answer your questions

Dependable decisions

  • Regular updates throughout study execution
  • Data-rich final report—just two to three weeks after the study concludes
  • Comprehensive reports containing all of the data, comments, endpoint analyses and graphics you need to evaluate candidates with confidence

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