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Oncology Clinical Trial Capabilities

About Oncology Clinical Trials

Clinical trials for targeted oncology and hematology therapies have become incredibly complex in the world of precision medicine. Whether you need support with early phase adaptive trial design, site selection, patient identification or targeted services for late-phase oncology trials, trust the expertise of a proven CRO who can help you to improve health and lives by bringing your oncology treatment to market quickly and carefully.

With our integrated oncology team, you have a committed partner with expertise and experience across diagnostics and drug development to urgently deliver the best trial that fits your business and strategy. A partner uniquely set up to efficiently bridge preclinical studies into human trials. A partner that can find the right patients and sites, understand your data and unique needs, and provide a customized strategy and successful execution plan to quickly and safely deliver your drug to the patients who greatly need life-improving and life-saving oncology treatments.

When you partner with us, you can be confident your trial is in the hands of oncology experts who have the passion, commitment and drive to find better answers for patients, now.

  • More than 1035 early and late-stage oncology and hematology clinical trial studies in the past 5 years helping you to efficiently bridge preclinical studies to cancer patient trials.

  • More than 300 immuno-oncology studies, including innovative CAR T therapies and adaptive trial designs.

  • Co-development of drugs with an oncology companion diagnostic to help identify patients most likely to benefit from your next cancer breakthrough.

  • Dedicated team of pediatric oncologists and rare disease specialists to help you navigate a complex regulatory environment while creating a truly patient centric trial approach that reduces the burden on sites and patients. 

Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials


Basket, platform or umbrella adaptive trials

Whether you are considering a basket, platform or umbrella oncology trial to examine solid tumors or hematologic malignancies, move away from traditional oncology trial designs to incorporate more creative and adaptive trials.

Early precision medicine and immunotherapy

Working with gene and cell therapies, such as cell-based immunotherapies and CAR T requires a multi-pronged approach that goes beyond traditional clinical trials. From discovery to market, you can apply biomarker identification strategies, companion diagnostics, multi-level stratification designs and composite endpoints. 

Late Stage Oncology Clinical Trials


Targeted patient recruitment & site data

Leverage our proprietary data tools to select high-performing oncology sites, engage investors, evaluate protocol design and geographically map potential oncology and immuno-oncology participants.

Data-driven trial oversight & management

More than 90% of our Phase II & III oncology trials are delivered on-time in study startup. You’ll get access to products within our Xcellerate® Technology Suite that reduce study risk and ensure data quality while protecting patient safety - the number one priority for clinical studies - as well as those which allow you to gain operational insights with a secure, shared view of your oncology trial's latest operational metrics. And you can rely on a team of project managers and regulatory leaders to help you meet milestones. Finally, leverage our established relationships with oncology investigators, local and international key opinion leaders (KOLs), global collaborative groups and patient networks to help your cancer trial run efficiently.

Oncology Drug and Companion Diagnostic Development: How can we help?

Every oncology development team has different needs. Whether you need a CRO partner to help with every phase of development, to help you efficiently bridge from pre-clinical to clinical studies or to execute one single study, our clinical oncology team can help you meet the goals for your next breakthrough oncology treatment.

Oncology Education Center

Explore our oncology education center for case studies, whitepapers, scientific posters and blog posts. 


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