Immunophenotypic and Transcriptome Analyses of CT26 and 4T1-Luc Tumor Models Following Anti-mCTLA-4 Treatment

AACR 2020 -- Informed selection of syngeneic models for use in preclinical drug development is critical for success. CT26 colorectal and 4T1-Luc breast tumors were treated with anti-mCTLA-4 to address how the tumor microenvironment influences therapeutic outcome. The effects that anti-mCTLA-4 treatment had on immune subset infiltration into the tumor as well as lymphocyte activation and exhaustion biomarkers were assessed by flow cytometry. Transcriptome analyses was used to explore differences in induction of immune-related gene expression between the CT26 and 4T1-luc tumor models following anti-mCTLA-4 therapy.

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