Dr. Eric Thomas, Global Director of Method Development & Validation, LC-MS Bioanalytical Services

Dr. Eric Thomas is the global director of method development and validation for LC-MS-based bioanalysis for Labcorp Bioanalytical Services. He joined Labcorp more than 10 years ago and has served as the lead for bioanalysis in Indianapolis for the past 8 years.  Eric is a graduate of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology (BS in chemistry) and the University of Michigan (PhD in medicinal chemistry).  He performed postdoctoral work with Neil Kelleher at the University of Illinois, focusing on proteomic analysis of histone modifications in cell culture and tissue samples.  He then served as a staff scientist at the Moffitt Cancer Center, supporting protein biomarker analysis via mass spectrometry. 

Eric continues to have a strong interest in biomarkers—he was involved in the proposal that led to the creation of the Labcorp Biomarker Solution Center, and he is engaged in establishing the strategy for future biomarker support within bioanalysis.  He is also focused on expanding capabilities for analysis of large molecules via LC-MS through evaluation of new platforms and workflows.  He has delivered more than 20 publications and presentations and remains active in forums such as AAPS, WRIB, GCC and EBF.  

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