Dr. Jennifer Courtney, Scientist, Molecular Bioanalysis

Dr. Jennifer Courtney started her career as a consultant in Washington, D.C., performing analyses of chronic, subchronic, oncogenic and neurotoxic studies of several pesticides and toxic chemicals. She served as principal reviewer for 12 neurotoxic studies and contributed to the completion of approximately 30 Data Evaluation Reports for the EPA’s Office of Pesticide Programs.

In her current role at Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services, Jennifer serves as principal investigator for biodistribution and viral shedding for GLP/GCP cell and gene therapy studies. In this role, she designs QPCR and RT-QPCR development, method validation, and sample analysis assays for neurodegenerative diseases, rare pediatric genetic conditions and CAR T cancer therapies for a variety of sponsors. She excels in science communication as a liaison between Labcorp and sponsors.

Jennifer earned her PhD in molecular and developmental biology from the University of Cincinnati and her BS in genetics and developmental biology from Pennsylvania State University.

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