Dr. Lee Goodwin, Executive Director, Global LC-MS Bioanalytical Services

Dr. Lee Goodwin serves as global lead for Labcorp’s liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS) Bioanalytical Services (Indianapolis, Madison, Harrogate and Huntingdon), managing the operations and support teams conducting bioanalytical studies for Labcorp clients. Lee has more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry across preclinical and clinical drug development with expertise in Bioanalysis, DMPK and Central Laboratory Services. Prior to his current role with Labcorp, Lee served as executive director for clinical trials (EU and APAC) and managing director (U.K.) for ACM Global Laboratories and fulfilled a number of scientific leadership roles at Labcorp (formerly Covance) Bioanalytical Services and a prominent pharmaceutical company.

Lee gained a BSc (Hons) in biochemistry and a PhD in chemistry, both from the University of York. He is a chartered chemist, was made a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in 2016 and has authored or co-authored more than two dozen peer-reviewed journal articles and industry presentations.

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