Tracy Iles, Global Head of Method Development Molecular Bioanalysis

Tracy Iles, Global Head of Method Development, Molecular Bioanalysis

Tracy Iles brings more than 20 years of experience in the molecular bioanalytical field and in multiple CMC fields, including virology, bioassay and ELISA. She possesses specialized expertise in cell culture, cell-based assays, DNA/RNA isolation and qPCR/RT-qPCR/ddPCR.

As the global head of method development for molecular bioanalysis for Labcorp Biopharmaceutical CMC Services, Tracy provides scientific leadership and technical guidance for Labcorp’s large molecule bioanalytical laboratories and partners with our clients in the development and validation of molecular biology assays throughout the drug development continuum.  

Additionally, Tracy obtained her BSc in biochemistry from the University of Reading and has been a member of the EBF qPCR team for several years. 

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