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U.S. Testing and Regulatory Solutions Now in Greenfield, IN

Access U.S.-based high quality chemical toxicology study execution, supported by in-state regulatory experts, to increase scheduling options and ensure successful EPA data submissions. 


We Can Help Deliver Regulatory Success

We offer a global full-service range of safety testing and regulatory consultancy capabilities to support the human and environmental risk assessments for both chemical testing and crop protection products. 

Global Regulatory Consulting & Facilities

Access more than 3M square feet of GLP-compliant, AAALAC-accredited research facilities in Europe, Asia and North America for your single or large-scale, long-term regulated program. Learn how you can partner with us to reach your products' full potential

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80+ Years Crop Protection & Chemical Experience
680 EU REACH Registrants
>1,500 Toxicology Studies Completed Annually
>300 Ecotoxicology Studies Completed Annually

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