Radiation enhances anti-tumor activity of checkpoint blockade in syngeneic tumor models

Date: 2018

Author: Sumithra Urs, Mary Anne Meade, Kevin Guley, Sarah Krueger, Alden Wong, Scott Wise, and Maryland Rosenfeld Franklin

AACR Annual Meeting

Poster: "Radiation Enhances Anti-Tumor Activity of Checkpoint Blockade in Syngeneic Tumor Models"

Introduction and Background

  • More than 50% of cancer patients receive some sort of radiation therapy during the course of their illness.
  • While radiation treatment is a mainstay in clinical oncology, there is limited preclinical data in syngeneic models.
  • The advent of image-guided small animal irradiators such as the Small Animal Radiation Research Platform (SARRP; Xstrahl) allow for use of targeted focal irradiation (RT) in a broad range of models.
  • Here we evaluated the use of RT to broaden efficacy and response duration of immunomodulatory therapies. In the GL261-Luc glioblastoma model we also examined possible changes in lymphoid and myeloid immune cells by flow cytometry and looked at infiltration of CD4+ T cells by immunohistochemistry.

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