TIGIT directed human antibody modulates T-regulatory and effector cell function

Date: 2019

Authors: Alyson J. Smith, Weiping Zeng, Bryan Grogan, Jane Haass, Amber Blackmarr, Robert Thurman, Scott Peterson, Shyra J. Gardai Research Department, Seattle Genetics Inc., Bothell, WA

AACR 2019

Labcorp was mentioned within in the Seattle Genentics poster they presented at the AACR 2019 Conference. Stated under the “SGN-TIGIT displays strong anti-tumor efficacy” figures:

“SGN-TIGIT treatment in CT26 and A20 syngeneic models cured 50% and 33% of animals, respectively. SGN-TIGIT in the MC38, E0771, EMT6, and an alternative CT26 model resulted in partial responses (PR), seen as tumor growth delay.”

POSTER | Seattle Genetics: TIGIT Directed Human Antibody Modulates T-regulatory and Effector Cell Function (PDF)

Introduction and Background

  • TIGIT inhibits T and NK cell function by binding CD155 and CD112, which are upregulated on tumor cells
  • SGN-TIGIT is fully human anti-TIGIT monoclonalantibody (mAb) that has equivalent affinity for human, murine and cynomolgus TIGIT and blocks TIGIT lig and binding
  • SGN-TIGIT mediates ADCC top referentially deplete Tregsinex-vivo PBMC cultures
  • SGN-TIGIT amplifies naïve and memory CD8 T cell responses
  • SGN-TIGIT can result in curative single agent anti-tumor responses in several preclinical models, though its MOA appears distinct from PD-(L)1
  • Models enriched for activated and/or memory CD8 T cell transcripts were positively correlated with curative response

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