Preclinical Locations & Facilities

With preclinical CRO testing facilities and locations across the globe and a commitment to continually invest in and expand facilities, we work hard to be ready when you are, so you can place your next study in a convenient location and facility.

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Global Facility Capacity

  • More than 4,000 nonclinical testing staff around the world

  • Over 8 million gross square footage of preclinical facilities and labs

America Facilities

Asia Facilities

European Facilities

360 Virtual Site Tours

Visit select nonclinical laboratories with a guided virtual site tour

When priorities mount, you can avoid air travel's time and expense. Plus, help support a more sustainable planet by visiting any of our over ten nonclinical laboratories worldwide from the convenience of your computer. Arrange a virtual tour with your Business Development Representative today.

Map of Locations

Recent Investments & Expansions

Shanghai, China

  • Increased large animal capacity (additional 9 rooms) 
  • 15% increased small animal capacity
  • Immunotoxicology & immunology cell culture labs
  • Disease model testing for COPD, IBD, Xenograft, NASH, hepatitis and fibrosis 

Services by Continent

Drug & pharmaceutical services




Antibody reagents x    
Bioanalytical  x x x
CMC analytical testing x x  
Device (Medical) x x  
Discovery & Lead Op x x  
Genomics x x x
Metabolism x x x
Metabolism: PK screening x x x
Oncology (Preclinical) x    
Pathology x x x
Pathology: Specialty  x x x
Pharmacology (Preclinical) x x x
Route: Infusion x x x
Route: Inhalation x x  
Toxicology x x x
Tox: DART x x  
Tox: Genetic   x  
Tox: Immunotox x x x
Tox: Ocular x x  
Vaccine testing x x x

Crop Protection & Chemical Testing Services




Environmental fate   x  
Environmental risk    x  
Field trials   x  
In silico modeling   x  
In vitro alternatives   x  
Metabolism: Animal x x  
Metabolism: Plant   x  
Microbiology   x  
Physicochemical testing   x  
Regulatory consultancy   x x
Residue analysis   x  
Route: Inhalation x x  
Tox: Aquatic & biodegradation   x  
Tox: DART x x  
Tox: General x x  
Tox: Genetic   x  
Tox: Terrestrial ecotoxicology   x  
Tox: Immunotox   x  
Tox: Ocular   x  
Vaccine testing   x  

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