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In Vitro Toxicology

Ease the cost burden of early-stage drug development with our in vitro testing strategies

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Experience with new approach methodologies, assay development and validation in support of the 3Rs

Standard and bespoke assays to meet ICH requirements

25+ years of experience with regulatory and nonregulatory endpoints

In vitro testing to ease the burden

Using preliminary in vitro testing data can help inform the decision-making process for advancing a pharmaceutical drug to in vivo testing during early-stage drug development. At Labcorp, our in vitro toxicological testing strategies have been developed as an alternative solution to animal toxicity testing, helping to ease the cost burden of early-stage drug development, while supporting the 3R principles.

An experienced team to help you reach your project goal

Whether you need assays to meet regulatory requirements, affordable screening studies or highly efficient multi-endpoint assays, our large, diverse team of scientists can partner with you to help minimize turnaround times and costs.

Standard assays that meet ICH requirements

In vitro inhalation assays (aerosol)

  • Modified genetic toxicology assays
  • Cytotoxicity 
  • 2D and 3D models 

In vitro alternative assays 

  • Local tolerance 
  • Sensitization 
  • Cytotoxicity and phototoxicity 
  • Mechanistic mode of action 
  • Carcinogenesis 

Research and development, along with bespoke assay solutions 

  • Custom in vitro assays 
  • Mechanistic MoA endpoints 
  • Biological endpoints 
  • AOP approaches 
  • Customized discovery projects 

All standard genetic toxicology assays can be performed on liquids saturated with aerosols, treated either with the total particulate matter or gaseous vapor phase trapped using our specialized aerosol generating equipment. Click to access crop protection and chemical in vitro test methods.

Customized solutions

We also specialize in developing in vitro solutions to non-regulatory requirements, providing mechanistic and biological insights to support safety testing and improved decision making in the development journey and regulatory submission packages.


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