Targeted Proteomics

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A smarter way to analyze your target proteins.

When it comes to proteomics-based research, speed and specificity help you reach decision points earlier. Our targeted proteomics enable you to detect and identify even a single amino acid substitution and concentrate on resulting science. Let us help you transform your scientific hunches into new discoveries. 

With the help of powerful mass spectrometry and a dedicated scientific team, you can expect results from a partner who has efficiently developed quantitative assays since 2008. Using advanced proteomics technologies, our workflow identifies unique proteotypic peptides (PTPs) to minimize potential interferences. Working as an extension of your team, we can offer you:

  • Robust assay development to test hypotheses quickly
  • Faster method development—without the need to raise antibodies
  • Precise, reproducible insights to uncover, track and quantify biomarkers

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